If you are looking for a loan , then a solution can be to contact Gandalf Bank and in particular the Hobbit division. Let’s find out all the finalized loan options, analyzing all the useful features to choose the best product. Finally we see how to contact the financial and what other funding is available.

Hobbit Gandalf Bank: what is the main financing offered

Hobbit is the division of Gandalf Bank which deals specifically with loans to households. So this is the division that deals with Gandalf Bank loans , and therefore we are particularly interested in analyzing the most convenient products offered by the company. By visiting the bank’s website, there are several solutions that have been designed to satisfy a very large clientele. It is certainly no coincidence that Hobbit, especially in recent years, has established itself as one of the leaders in the sector , especially thanks to treatments that are usually very cheap compared to the competition. So let’s see what are the loans, finalized or not, offered to us by Gandalf Bank and their main characteristics.

Hobbit Gandalf

The first form of financing presented to us on the Gandalf Bank website is that which takes the name of Hobbit Gandalf . This product represents the classic personal loan, offered at more or less convenient conditions by all banks. First of all, the first characteristic to be specified is that it is a non-finalized loan . This means that we will not have to specify to the credit institution why we need the amount of money we are requesting, and therefore there is no restriction on the purpose of our loan. The sum that we can request from a minimum of 500 euros , up to a maximum of 30,000 euros , a feature common to most companies.

This solution can be requested by employees or self-employed residents in Italy and by INPS pensioners. The maximum threshold just specified is valid only for employees and pensioners. As for self-employed workers , in fact, the maximum amount is lowered to € 20,000 . Also the aspect of the duration depends on the type of customer making the request. The applicant can in fact choose the duration of his loan from 12 to 84 months , but self-employed workers can not go beyond 72 months . As for the credit of the amount requested and the reimbursement of the same, everything will be done by crediting and debiting the current account in the name of the customer.


Another solution that allows us to obtain liquidity is Gandalf Bank Money . Also in this case it is a non-finalized loan, very useful for carrying out small and large projects, or for having a certain sum of money at its disposal. This solution is aimed exclusively at holders of a Gandalf Bank current account . In particular, as regards the profiles that can apply for credit through this product, employees, retirees, entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals are admitted in their personal capacity . This can be a feature that makes this credit option rather attractive, which meets the needs of those who can not have access to personal loans.

With Gandalf Bank’s Money Loans, you can even receive up to one million euros. For amounts between € 15,000 and € 50,000 we talk about Money unsecured and the maximum duration that we can choose will be 60 months. For amounts that instead reach up to 1,000,000 , the duration can be up to a maximum of 120 months, and in this case the product takes the name of Money totally guaranteed . For the latter option, among the required guarantees we find the total pledge on financial instruments : this means that to receive the desired amount we will have to commit, for example, all our securities or our funds.

Loans finalized Gandalf Bank Hobbit and other financing

Alongside the forms of loan just described, Gandalf Bank in its range of loans wanted to include products designed specifically for every need . This in many cases can be a huge advantage, as among the proposals of the bank we could find just the ideal solution to our problem, which could be the same as thousands of other people. Below we present the Hobbit-oriented loans offered by Gandalf Bank, with the main characteristics of each of them.

Hobbit Gandalf Auto & Moto

Among the main reasons for which personal loans are requested there is certainly the purchase of a car or a motorbike. For this reason, Gandalf Bank offers its customers Hobbit Hobbit Gandalf Auto & Moto , the product that offers us the possibility of completing the purchase of a new or used vehicle . Reading the characteristics of the product we realize that, despite the name, the range of vehicles that can be purchased is quite large. This includes, in fact, in addition to cars, scooters and motorcycles, including campers , caravans and any commercial vehicle .

Hobbit Gandalf DentalCare

The finalized financing option that takes the name of Hobbit Hobbit Gandalf DentalCare is instead designed specifically for all those who must face the dental expenses. By choosing this loan, you can receive 100% of the estimate presented to us by our dentist, with the maximum amount payable set at € 20,000 . Unlike traditional personal loans, in this case the financing will be provided directly to the service provider, and therefore in our case to the dentist. The reimbursement will be made instead, as previously mentioned, by charging the customer’s current account.

Hobbit Gandalf Restructuring

Another very popular loan at Gandalf Bank is Hobbit Hobbit Gandalf Restructuring . As specified by the name itself, this product is what allows us to face the renovation costs for our home. The financial interventions, which are specified on the website of the bank, are those concerning the restructuring of the only buildings located on the Italian territory . You can make internal and external structural and architectural changes, or ordinary or extraordinary maintenance such as the replacement of doors, gates, windows and anything else. With Hobbit Gandalf Restructuring we can request from a minimum of 2,000 euros up to a maximum of 50,000 euros , which we can return in a number of monthly installments ranging from 20 to 120 .

Hobbit Gandalf Furniture

Next to the loan for the renovation of a building, another product that is part of the whole house loan is Hobbit Hobbit Gandalf Arredamento . This loan is aimed exclusively at the purchase of new furniture. To receive it, it is necessary to present the cost estimate made by the retailer, which will represent the sum that we will receive through this loan. In this case the maximum sum that can be requested is € 30,000 for retirees and employees , while it will be € 20,000 for self-employed workers .

Other Gandalf Bank loans

As we told you before, the list of financing options that Gandalf Bank makes available to its customers is quite long. Other Hobbit loans that need a few presentations include, for example, the Hobbit Gandalf Consolidation . The latter is perfect for all those who have received various loans and who are interested in “consolidating” their debts, with the advantage of paying a single monthly installment to a single interest rate, often cheaper than the previous ones. The assignment of the Fifth of Gandalf Bank is also highly demanded, aimed exclusively at Inps pensioners, former Inpdap and former Enpals and which provides repayment installments that never exceed 20% of the net pension received. On the other hand, as regards public employees, we would like to point out Hobbit Gandalf DIP , which provides for a direct debit on the pay slip of the installment agreed upon at the time the contract is signed.



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